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Amazing strategy and execution, the case for Moris Dieck

Actualizado: 10 dic 2021

Moris Dieck is from Monterrey, he is an author, podcaster, speaker and money enthusiast who aims to transform lives through finance.

I had known about Moris from seeing him on Instagram but it was later on when I paid attention to his podcast and the way him and his team segment the content by date, audience and duration I was blown away.

His business model is robust, he offers online courses about basics, investments and even personal development. He has a book on "Invisible assets" and he has sponsor relationships with some of the biggest brands like Paypal and Bitso. In the content he gives for free, he has excel templates by type of budget and in his YouTube channel and Dimes y Billetes podcast, he has done sponsored episodes by Marriott and American Express and he is part of Acast creator network which also means he does audio campaigns for a variety of brands. He is also part of MPV, the influencer agency from Monterrey that hosts some of the most important independent creators in Mexico such as Roberto Martínez and Diego Ruzzarin.

A good source of revenue also comes from the live presentations, these were paused during the pandemic. I envision a lot of continuing success for him and his team, the topic of finance is one that is on everyone's minds and he will never run out of things to research and say. I would like to lay here the great segmentation of content in his podcast:

On a weekly basis:

Galleta Financiera (Financial Cookie): Short episodes where Moris explains a financial concept, published on Dimes y Billetes Main episode, interviews with a diverse range of guests that talk about their financial insights, it is built around a concept.

Stories: Interviews but mainly built on the person's story.

Viernes de Quincena: Every 15 days there is an episode regarding something trending.

He and his team are one of the most professional, consistent and committed content creators, they record and schedule episodes and he does a lot of cross promotions by being a guest in his friend's podcasts.

He recently launched a second podcast "Consultorio del Dinero" where he responds to calls from listeners, topics range from to how to buy your first car, house, and what to do with your Christmas bonus.

Although not everyone might "like" his formal style, when talking about money you do want someone formal and he is one of the few business creators with volume, in the end people appreciate the help in these hard topics of life. If you want to subscribe to his newsletter, he asks if you want to save, invest or get out of debts. With the fintech sector growing in Mexico I am sure he will continue to have valuable partnerships for the rest of his career. Hooray! Congrats Moris and thanks for sharing with us.

If you would like to share who you follow for finance info, hit me up on LinkedIn!



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