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I think I'm friends with Kara and Scott

I used to be a semi pro basketball player and I had many habits but nowadays one of the few constant ones is listening every week to the Pivot and Prof G podcasts, they are my sources to the media, tech and business world in a nutshell.

Pivot has new weekly episodes Every Tuesday and Friday, Kara and Scott offer sharp, unfiltered insights into the biggest stories in tech, business, and politics. They make bold predictions, pick winners and losers, and bicker and banter like no other. After all, with great power comes great scrutiny.

Kara Swisher is an American journalist. Described by Newsweek as Silicon Valley's "most powerful tech journalist", she is an opinion writer for The New York Times, and also hosts the podcast Sway. Scott Galloway is Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern · Founder of L2 Inc, Red Envelope, and Prophet · Bestselling Author of “The Four” and "Algebra of Happiness".

Prof G is a weekly podcast where Scott responds to listener questions and he shares valuable insights on how listeners can level up their game in the world of business. He does not pre listes to the questions! Is literally like if you would stop in your favorite teacher's office hours and asked him/her quick questions. They range from "Should I quit my job" to "What is your take on fast fashion"?. Love love love this podcast!

I shared both podcasts with Lindsey Thoeng and she is now a fan too, and we constantly exchange comments on what Kara and Scott advised and shared in their episodes. When we talk about them I used their names like I would use any of my friends names, I feel like I know them and I sometimes think "this is something Scott would say" or I find myself thinking "I wonder if Kara like this TV show".

I have to tell you I have spent 2 years listening and not once I checked their social media, even though they talk about Twitter all the time. This level of engagement with creators purely based on audio is something of textbook benefits of podcasts.

People that listen to podcasts understand this completely and share the feeling but in early 2022 there is still a lot of marketers and people in general that still do not have the habit of listening to podcasts and they are missing out on this valuable phenomenon. I do not know what metric will ever come close to represent my huge involvement with these people that I have never met yet I feel like I know them.

This post was just an appreciation post because I love Kara and Scott and a bit of cry for help when I hear that in 2022 people still do not listen to podcasts on the regular. What do you guys do when you drive? or work out? How can you live your life like this? Ever since I started listening to podcasts my life changed, my anxiety lowered since I was not anymore wasting time doing dumb chores or driving through traffic watching my life end, I now am learning something new and important, getting a new perspective on life and meeting "new friends".

I understand changing habits is hard but this one you MUST try, you can thank me later :)

And if you already have "these sort of friends" share your favorite creators with me!



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