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When something boring and hard turns into fun and easy

If you ask me, what is the most annoying and most difficult parts of adult life, a lot of things come to mind but

for sure will include a lot regarding paying taxes, dealing with financial decisions and legal matters.

And just when I thought there was no way I wanted to pay attention and deal with my adult life I found these wonderful creators: @coolturafiscal @adultingmx and @iusparadummies @a2zmx

I never thought they could make adulting fun and even more, they made me feel like I was not the only one that does not know how to be an adult.

As context, If you are reading this and you are not Mexican, we have a very complex tax system to navigate (plus they keep updating it!) decades of monopoly domination and corruption have left us a lot of opportunities for financial and legal literacy. (I know, dramatic hehe).

@iusparadummies is an account by legal student @avrilayala, she describes her account as "Derecho “dummie & nerd friendly”. she makes visually attractive posts where she explains legal matters regarding labor laws, i.e. working overtime, the new outsourcing law, etc. Also, if there is a trending topic like the feminist march, she will explain the legal aspect of it, for example regarding abortion, suing if someone is sharing your nudes. Plus she gives book recommendations and she shares what is like to be a legal student. In Mexico, this is one of the most frequent career choices. Avril is building for the future I can already see her personal practice thriving as a result of this investment she is making to build her personal brand through this account.

For the following 2 accounts, the audience is mostly independent entrepreneurs and freelance amigxs.

They speak the millenial language with immaculate branding and bright colors.

@a2zmx legal, is all about registering your brand and your business. Created by @anahizalaniz this is the account you need to know the basics from A to Z, this is one of the best examples of giving value and works great as a lead magnet. Because even if you watch all her lives and read all her information, you will probably still need her help to register your brand, but you will be happy to hire her because you see how much she knows about the matter.

P.s. We have an episode with her! Hint hint, in order to learn something they say you need to teach it, hence I knew that to be able to synthesize you have had to understand very well and be able to explain it verbally, hence I figured making a podcast episode would be super easy for Anahiz. Thank you for your valuable explanations amiga!

@coolturafiscal is another fun account, created by public accountant Pamela Castro. She describes it as Impuestos💰| SAT 🔵 | Hacienda 🏦

Taxes, taxes, all about death and taxes lol

Pam is very passionate about this topic and it shows, I have seen stories of her watching the congress updates on certain laws at 11pm!

She constantly gives a lot of value for free in the way of lives and even short talks in cafes

As soon as the government settles all the updates she will sell courses and workshops. In the mean time she sells her personal sessions and we all know you definitely need her help. Listen here for a sample of her wisdom.

@adultingmx is Asesoría financiera millennials y gen z

Planes Personales💅🏻

Meaning your personal financial advisor. Created by the cousins, Liliana Olivares and Jimena Gómez.

I cannot tell you how funny these girls are in person. They are super smart and quick witted and this shows in their branding!

They make jokes in their posts but give you a perfect hook to want to know more about not spending your money in dumb ways like ordering food via apps all the time or purchasing on "fake sales" like our Mexican "black friday". They monetize via their personal advisories and via workshops. Since they became hugely popular, brands now hire them to give talks in companies or sponsor their workshops. They did make a partnership to sell a video course for Victoria147 but they have yet to launch their own.

Both Liliana and Jimena are badasses in their own right. Jimena is Manager, Editorial & Publishing at Netflix (she led their TikTok strategy in LATAM!) and has a ton of experience in the agency world. Besides she is co-founder of RAW, the top TikToker agency in LATAM, she spotted super early the top talent that now has millions in followers. We have an episode with her as well!

Liliana claims her humbly beginnings as a teen mom that had to learn the hard way how to be an adult and. make enough money to support her kids. Nowadays you can see her Prada shopping sprees and trips to boutique hotels in her instagram account, love the rags to riches arc and this is definitely one of my top favorites! You can hear and see Liliana absolutely everywhere in Mexican media but I like to take the credit for interviewing them when they were first starting and for presenting them to Sonoro to make their own hit podcast "Maldita Pobreza" (Damned poverty). They are super talented and I cannot wait to see how they keep growing. Fun fact, Liliana studied Theater and she loves watching TV shows, I text her constantly to exchange recommendations.

In short, these girls found a tough niche to sell, they study it, experience it themselves and sell the accompaniment in a different way to approach these challenges of adult life that your parents and teachers never told you about. All of them rely on Instagram to share their knowledge and they are venturing into other formats like podcasts but they are perfect examples of how to take your expertise of something boring into something fun.

Do you have another creator you want to share with me? Hit me up!



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