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When numbers don't show the real value

Actualizado: 10 dic 2021

We want to measure everything, it is understandable, part of our evolution includes studying and what we cannot measure we cannot improve, however what happens when the measurement fails to show the actual value? This is true in media and in life, and I want to share an example about this.

I am a big fan of what these two creators are doing, Whitepaper and Storybaker, whenever I say creators I want to include all the team since, many times we associate with one person but behind everything there is a team of people that make this happen. This is a topic for another post.

Anyhow, Whitepaper is a newsletter founded by entrepreneur and savvy consultant Rene Lankenau

It includes exclusive information: stories developed specifically for Whitepaper readers, not available in other media, and prepared from a journalistic, objective and well-documented perspective about what is relevant in the business world. This newsletter is hosted on Substack and it costs $5 dollars a month but they have an audio version that is free for everyone, their podcast "Historias x Whitepaper".

Storybaker is a hub for curated stories that shape the media industry and digital marketing, created by content therapist Mauricio Cabrera,

The Muffin is his newsletter, his community is in Telegram and Podcasts include: The Coffee, The Coffee Americano, Story Baker Academy

I am guessing, they each have an audience of, let's say 5,000 in all their properties. This number for a person in an ad agency might not represent an attractive target to invest into, but what if I told you that, in Storybaker's case, that number incudes marketing and media executives, brand managers and independent creators, in short, people with decision power and money. And in Whitepaper's case, that includes the main CEOs, business owners and executives in Monterey, in short, highly premium audience. Would you still pass on this opportunity to be associated with their content?

Both of these projects are clearly defined and perfectly executed for their niche. I believe this is how most projects should be, with this level of clarity and purpose and knowledge of their target audience so that creating content can smoothly fall into place. However, most monetization models are still based on high volumes and CPMs, hence the need for DIY more artisanal monetization, aka finding creative ways to sell to be able to highlight the real value. Most of the content about making content is on how to grow, how to be viral, how to make money, but we rarely talk about offering value to niches and how they make things happen.

I am sure you know examples like this, share them with me! Hit me up on LinkedIn,



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